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From :- Albert and ElfriedeAlbert and Elfriede
Dear Sandeep,
Thanks for the beautiful journey through Rajasthan. We could not believe, that all things will go without of trouble. But with your help it would be simple for us. All was perfekt and Narpat is a very good driver, and he knows a lot of things about towns and monuments. We were lucky with him.

Best regards, also at your family and Narpat.
Albert and Elfriede

From :- Michelle
Dear Sandeep,
You may remember that you organised a trip to rajasthan for me last march, which went very well.We now have more visitors arriving from the UK in November and they would also like to go on a tour of rajasthan.There will be two ladies travelling, so i think they would prefer an ambassador car. They would like to visit Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur and Jaiselmer - probably only travelling in one direction, and then they will fly back to Delhi.

Thanks Michelle

From :- Shaikh Umar Ali
1. First of all, I thank you for helping me in the last moment!

2. Let me express my happiness of having seen Rajasthan extensively. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. The car you provided was relatively new and in good condition. The internal cleanliness was great and the driver was sober, soft spoken and more importantly, he was a very good driver. I have been driving for more than 10 years now and I drive my car myself as I like driving. I can say, Pappu, in every sense was a careful and skilled driver.

3. During our tour, sometimes we had to skip lunch and have it late. He also did the same without even complaining once. I recommend him for all your trips. The car, the driver makes a difference, and he did in a good way!

4. You never behaved like a tour operator. I must say, you rather acted as a Tour Mentor. As a tourist, I always travel well informed. I do my research on the internet and I use every skill to ensure, I see everything in time without much stress and stay in a good place without paying a bomb. I am sure you sensed that during our discussions over phone. Things I liked about you was, you were very candid and upfront without mixing words. My respect for you went many fold, when you sent the car to pick me up, let me see Jaipur for 2 days and then came to collect the advance. No many tour operators would do this. I thank you for trusting me! (More so because, we only had our phone number, not seen each other and knew each other for 3 days!!!)

5. Another reason to call you a Tour Mentor was, just like a mentor, you rightly advised me to take up the hotel in respective cities without booking in advance. You rather told me that it will not be difficult to get any hotel during this time. Any other tour operator would have given me advices otherwise to make some more money! I am sure, you believe in long term relationships and not short term profit!

6. It was great knowing you! There are couple of things which matter in a good vacation. Right guidance is most important for someone who has never been to a place before. You did just that.

From :- Claudia Sack & Frank Nusspickel (GERMANY)
Very nice tour!
Great! Thanks to Sandeep!
Always friendly and helpful in any question.
May be you should show some references on your website or send them on demand. Makes it easier for people from far away to trust into Rajasthan Travel Packagess. You can for sure use mine.

From :- Walter De Vries
After a fascinating trip I am back home. We had a great trip through Rajasthan. Many, many thanks. Especially to the driver, who was really excellent I already recommended your agency to several of my friends and colleagues.

From :- Monaco Ignacio
Every thing was perfect thanks a lot to the driver we want to remark his excellent service.

From :- Thierry Rueda
Driver was nice, cool, responsible need to progress a little in English. The tour was good but a little disappointed to finish a visit in Rajasthan by Pushkar. Next time we would like to visit Rajasthan, but not much 4hours drive.

From :- Stephen Nutter
Excellent particular guest work by our driver.

From :- Graham & Pia Williams
Vehicle & driver were magnificent, professional, calm, driver always helpful, polite. Would love to have him drive in England. Care was great. Tour planning was worked out very well and followed my itinerary.

From :- Ms. Katherine Rushton
Excellent driver - friendly, helpful safe driving vehicle clean and good condition. Driver always punctual. Tour itinerary could have been explained in more detail. Tour guide in Agra & Jaipur good. An official tour representative would be more appropriate than the driver's friend who seemed to come along for the ride. He helped interact so we could communicate with the driver but he could not answer my queries about the tour.

From :- Ms. Philip and Victoria Hadikin (Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada)
Swagat Tours is a very trustworthy business. Sandeep and the staff were very helpful and were able to accommodate our every need. Swagat Tours assisted us with flight tickets (within India), hotel reservations, daily sightseeing tours, and wedding details. Victoria and I recommend Swagat Tours to anyone who wishes to travel and/or get married in India.

From:-Dana Michelle
Services:-Car rental

As an American having never been to India, I find Ashok extensively kind & friendly. He was always punctual and was a fantastic driver!!!
I would recommend him to others.

From:-Mrs. Arati Gadgil United Kingdom
"Tour Planning was good apart from Delhi sightseeing.
Overall it was a memorable tour and pleasant experiance"