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A Journey to Rajasthan Village

A Journey to Rajasthan VillageTravel Rajasthan and explore the hinterland of this magnificent land. Spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life, and view the colorful lifestyle of the villages, which will take your breath away. In remote villages, the colorful turban clad men breath life that is palpable, carrying in their jaunty strides, the spirit that is their destiny.

Religion is the way of life in these remote hamlets. Each home has a separate room where they offer prayers and seek benevolence. The images of local deities daubed with vermilion can be seen outside every village.

Camel ride…the best way to view villages Camel ride is specially recommended to view the various colors of the villages in Rajasthan. Camping in close vicinity to the villages and participating in all aspects of village life is an experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

Multi-hues of a village life Agricultural practices in Rajasthan date back to the time of Indus valley civilization and observing them is an experience in itself to cherish for a lifetime. Camels and sometimes buffaloes are used for pulling the plough and most of the farmers wait for the rains to water their fields. Three important crops grown here are wheat, corn and millets. Take a tour in the green field and watch women milking the cattle while the elderly and young take them out to pastures for grazing and when you are tired and feel thirst, take a bite of watermelon, which is a perfect way to quench your thirst.

The most admirable sights Some of the most admirable sights include women around a community well, people sitting in a group and discussing everything from world politics to domestic issues and the assemblage of children in an open air school. People are so friendly and hospitable that they would offer you almost everything without expecting anything in return.
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Shekhavati - A Memorable Experience The most colourful villages in the Thar are to be found on the Shekhawati tract. These have well-built houses, more often then not with painted walls and beautiful decorations and wall paintings. If the villages of the Thar are dotted with jhonpas, the cities feature a variety of architectural forms and structures. They depict either varying forms of adjustment with the inclement weather or intense love and pride for architectural richness and extravagance. Some of the towns show excellent town-planning and settlement development. Although habitations are designed keeping in mind the climate, they are also products of the political and cultural history of the region.