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Pushkar Fair

(13th to 21st Nov, 2010)
About the festival Pushkar FairRomance called Rajasthan can be experienced during one of India's best-known festivals - the Pushkar Mela or the Pushkar fair. According to a legend, a lake came into existence miraculously from the point where petals of a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. Every year, the town of Pushkar springs into life and gets transformed into an amazing festival ground where pilgrims gather to worship at the Brahma temple on the lake. In the evening, the entire area is filled with the ringing of bells and, as night falls, hundreds of small oil lamps floating on green leaves light up the lake with the act of worship called deepdan.

Simultaneously, the usually dull ambience of the desert comes to life where elaborately decorated camels are paraded and raced, and bought and sold. Vendors sell everything from beads, bangles and brass utensils to embroidered clothes, shoes, and skillfully woven blankets.

Major Events of the Festival Camel racing, cultural programs, folk dances and folk musics.
» Duration : 7 days
» Time : Every November, the festival starts on Noami and finishes on Kartik Poornima (Full Moon)
» Venue : Pushkar
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