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Mewar Festival

(18th to 20th Mar, 2010)
About the festival Mewar FestivalTo welcome the spring season, the festival of Mewar is celebrated in the enchanting city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Coincidently, during this period, the festival of Gangaur is also celebrated all over Rajasthan which spreads its unique charm everywhere.

The festival of Mewar holds a unique importance for the women here who celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and fervour. During this festival women take great care in dressing up and put on their best clothes and participate in the festival. The most important part of the festival is when women dressed in colourful clothes with images of the Goddess Gauri (Parvathi) move in a procession to the Gangaur ghat of Lake Pichola.

Singing, dancing, devotional music concerts and firework displays are the major part of the celebrations. Cultural events portraying Rajasthani culture through songs, dances and other programmes takes over once the religious part of the festival comes to an end. A procession of boats in the lake starting from the lake palace offers a fitting finale to this splendid celebration.

Major events of the festival Singing, dancing, devotional music concerts and firework displays. Procession of boats in the lake.
» Duration : One day
» Time : March - April.
» Venue : Udaipur, Rajasthan.
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