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Dussehra Festival

(15th to 17th Oct, 2010)
About the festival Dussehra FestivalThe Dussehra Festival mela is celebrated in Kota, every year in the Hindu month of Ashvin (Sept-Oct). This festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm fervour not only in Kota but throughout the country in different ways.

As per Hindu Mythology, the festival marks the victory of Lord Rama over the Demon King Ravana. It is said that this fiery battle between the good and the evil went on for ten days. There is a theatrical enactment of this dramatic encounter which are organised in all places big and small throughout the nation in which both children and elders participate with great zeal.

Major events of the festival During Dussehra, the main attraction for the children, are the Vanar Senas or the monkey forces, headed by Hanuman, the monkey God. Huge models of the defeated Ravana along with his brother Kumbhakarana and his son Meghnath, made of paper & bamboo and stuffed with crackers are set on fire. According to the legend, Ravana had ten heads and his models are made with ten heads. The worship of weapons during this festival was essential for the martial Rajput race.

Festivities and the cattle fair start from the day after the effigy of the Ravana is burnt.
» Duration : One day
» Time : Dussehra is held in the Hindu month of Ashvin (Sept-Oct).
» Venue : Kota, Rajasthan.
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